PREFACE -  A TRUE STORY - A Harley couple came to Daytona for BIKE WEEK '99. Riding on A1A with ocean on the east side and the ICW on the west, they saw a home being built, stopped & never left. Sunrise Ocean, Sunset ICW.

Some years later, they are ready to downsize.  So, now it’s your turn - see for yourself. Three stories, move-in condition, oversize garage & workshop, deeded beach access. $589,900.  Check it out on our Featured Page:


First, what they are:  Neither Biketoberfest nor Bike Week has anything to do with bicycles, tricycles, or, even unicycles.  As most of my readers know, they have to do with motorcycles - LOTS of motorcycles - big noisy Harley motorcycles, higher-pitched vrooms of Honda motorcycles, and mid-ranged purrs of Ducati’s….and many others.  And the wardrobes associated with flamboyant motorcycling! Bathing suits, leathers, head gear - it’s all quite a show!


Both Biketoberfest and Bike Week are events centered around Daytona Beach, about 30 minutes south of Palm Cost.  The term Bike Week is a little bit of a misnomer, as the annual event will go from March 8 - March 17, maybe Bike Weeks or  Bike Days.


At a time when my home area of New England is getting pummeled by one Nor’easter after another, the weather for Bike Week in Florida is usually pretty lovely.  And, the event has been going on for 77 years! Yup, 2019 will be the 78th annual Bike Week. There’s longevity there!


Biketoberfest is a kind of fall mini-Bike Week, scheduled for Thursday, October 18 to Sunday, October 21. This year is the 26th annual Biketoberfest event.


Second, what happens there: There are a lot of rides planned - groups of motorcyclists tool around to the different venues.  This year, for example, at Biketoberfest, the first ride is a “Street Festival Ride” down Main Street in Daytona Beach.  There’s lot of noise, lots of (adult) beverages, lots of food, and lots of interesting people and motorcycle watching!  People can ride with the group or just watch. This ride is just 4 miles and should take a rider about 15 minutes.



Compare that to the longest ride, the “Old City Ride,” of 110 miles and 2.5 hours which takes the riders through Ormond Beach, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast and up through to St. Augustine.  


Riders enjoy the weather (hopefully!), stop off at iconic landmarks like the St. Augustine lighthouse (which even offers ghost tours!), regroup at restaurants such as  The Golden Lion in Flagler Beach for their famous fish ‘n chips. Sopotnik’s Cabbage Patch in Samsula, Florida, even offers - for the discriminating viewer - coleslaw wrestling.  


The Golden Lion


Bike Week 2019 is still in the planning works, but it will feature many of the items mentioned above - group rides, weather enjoyment, eating, drinking, people watching.  One good place to do this is at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson, aka Destination Daytona, in Ormond which always figures a giant tent with vendors, food, and new motorcycles for sale.  The venue is already advertising a pre-Biketoberfest street party from 12-4 on October 6!

Third, why should I care? If you like things with motors, this might be for you.  Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, there are places to rent them; companies like EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours is one you can contact through the Biketoberfest website.  You might enjoy the ride, the view, the weather - and the sightseeing of people!  


If you think about coming, though, think about where to stay, as hotels, motels, etc, fill up fast.   If you DON’T like things with motors, you might want to stay off the central Florida roads at this time.  It can get a little crowded and noisy, so just come and visit the following week and check us out at