Aug. 28, 2018

Why Retire in Flagler County, Florida?

If you are thinking of retirement, you have probably thought of Florida just because so many people do, in fact, retire here.  Florida shows up in articles about retirement in publications as diverse as Coastal Living, The Bulletin (AARP newsletter), and Money Magazine.  Among the top questions people ask are:


  1. What about taxes?….or the lack thereof.  Florida has no state income tax, although we do have a sales tax. And, of course, we have property taxes.  The average New York property tax is $4,330. The average Florida tax is $1773.00. Averages can be deceiving - much depends on the type of house you buy and where you buy it.

  2. How hot will it be in Florida? The average temperature in Florida varies from 82° in July to 61° in January.   Of course, Florida is a big state, spanning 500 miles from north to south, so for Flagler County, the average July temperature is 88°, while it’s 66° in January.  So, we really do have some seasons! By the way, in New York, the average July temperature is 85°, while January comes in at a chilling 39°. Not so different in the summer, but far, far more different in the winter months.

  3. How much real estate can a retiree afford in Florida? The average sales price for a home in Florida is $200,000, but, as I mentioned before, it’s a big state.  In Miami/Dade County, the average price is $305,000, while in Flagler County, the average home price is $219,000.  The oceanside city of Flagler Beach in Flagler County comes in at $308,600, but in the city of Palm Coast just to the north in Flagler County, the median price is $260,000.  Compare these costs to the average home prices in New York ($375,000), Massachusetts ($410,000), California ($393,000) or Oregon ($309,400).

April 1, 2018

Walking and Biking in Flagler County

Living in Florida - and living in such a beautiful place as Flagler County - you probably enjoy a daily walk or bike ride.   If you don’t already live here, you likely WILL enjoy a daily walk/bike ride once you get here and appreciate the weather! There is, of course, always the beach for walking (and riding with those big thick tires!).  Low tides at the beach are the best time to walk/ride and these vary daily, but, if you search online, you might only find tide charts for the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway). One good source for tide charts is a local publication called Pelican Post.  Walking at low tide, I have seen bevies of starfish, some stiff and some trying to make their way back to the ocean. If you want to walk elsewhere than the beach, though, know that Flagler County has over 100 miles of trails to discover - you can get a downloadable copy of the trails at  As you walk, you will see signs that say “Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail.”  Along the way - particularly in the morning, my personal favorite time to walk - you will hear woodpeckers, cardinals, and many other birds that I can’t yet identify!  Depending on the trail you take, there are bicycle maintenance stations, rest areas, picnic tables, and playgrounds. More details can be found here at

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March 25, 2018

Flagler Fun: Princess Place Preserve

Wondering what to do on a beautiful Florida day?  In Flagler County, there is always the beach, the 26 miles of bike/walking paths, restaurants, shopping, gardening, and more, but one place you might want to visit is Princess Place Preserve, a 1500 acre Flagler County Park and historical site.  There are eagle nests in the woods with viewing sites to drive to, as well as lots of walking trails and canoe/kayak launches for those who like to paddle and fish. There are even campsites for the hardy. It’s called Princess Place because when the original owner, Henry Cutting, died in 1886, he bequeathed the acres to his wife, Angela Mills Cutting Worden.  She later married an exiled Russian prince, Boris Scherbatoff and took the title of princess for herself! So, the property, once named “Cherokee Grove” came to be called Princess Place. If you go there, you can see and visit the lodge (check the times it’s opened) and see Florida’s first in-ground swimming pool….feed by the aquifer. One of the most peaceful activities in all of Flagler County is to sit on a rocking chair on the porch of Princess Place, looking out over the Matanzas River and Pellicer Creek.  Check it out!

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March 15, 2018

A Bike Week Story

It’s Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida - or, to be more precise, Bike Weeks, as the event goes from March 9 - March 18, maybe, Bike Days.  While my home area of New England is getting pummeled by one Nor’easter after another, the weather for bike week has been pretty lovely. It started out last Friday a touch gray, but since then, lots of lovely blue sky.  Cool by Florida standards, the average temperature for bike week has been about 75 degrees for a daytime high (that means morning temps are considerably cooler). There’s been some wind - the same front that is bringing the Nor’easters to the Middle Atlantic and New England states is to blame, but that hasn’t seemed to stop the bikers tooling up and down A1A and along the beautiful country roads of Flagler and Volusia counties.  Here’s a sweet real estate related story for bikers or anyone else pursuing their dream:


TRUE STORY - A Harley couple came to Daytona for BIKE WEEK '99. Riding on A1A with ocean eastside and ICW west, they saw a home being built, stopped & never left. Sunrise Ocean, Sunset ICW. Some years later, they are ready to downsize.  So, now it’s your turn - see for yourself. Three stories, move-in condition, oversize garage & workshop, deeded beach access. $599,900. Check it out on our Featured Page.